The story of Mountain Spirit Jewels and Sennin Esko

Hello! Thank-you for viewing my shop!

Mission Statement:
I wish to provide excellence in my craftsmanship on every piece of jewelry that comes off of my workbench while maintaining an ethical and sustainable approach to sourcing the raw materials, packaging, tools & supplies I use in my workshop. Making wearable items of beauty with positive intent fills each and every day with content and a drive to move forward and improve.

My approach:
I find myself leaning towards simplicity. While I have some complex designs I like to let simple, aesthetic design and natural beauty of gemstones speak for themselves. I like clean lines and smooth surface finishes in my work. Each piece is finished and examined under a microscope for quality. Many, many hours were spent learning how to make clean lines in my bezel settings. Wondering about my prices? To me its not about how many pieces I can finish in a day or an hour, its about taking my time and doing a really good job with each and every piece. Rushing results in sloppy work, proper execution of a nice piece of jewelry meant to last requires more time and attention to detail. Watch my shop video for a peak in my process!

A thank-you!
Getting to where I am now has been quite a journey with a lot of learning experiences, it hasn't always been easy. Thank you everybody who supported me and helped me get to where I am today. My satisfaction with my work/career is at an all time high, in short, I love my job, I can't picture myself doing anything else! Thank you for letting me create your bespoke adornments, its truly a joy for me!

My story:
My name is Sennin, I live in Berkshire County, western Massachusetts. My jewelry journey started with some copper wire and an abandoned pair of pliers. Twisting wire quickly became an obsession. Not long after taking up wrapping I opened my Etsy shop in 2012 with some of my wire work. As that progressed I had an opportunity to get some exposure to other methods of making jewelry in a class at Studio Jewelers in NYC. After learning a little bit about fabrication I started purchasing tools that I needed so that I could continue to practice at home. With my school and work schedule, I was only able to spend a little bit of time making jewelry each week, progress was slow at first. Eventually, my interests further expanded into learning CAD design and how to use 3d printing to make waxes for gold and silver castings. This also turned into an obsession, I have since built an open source DLP high-resolution resin printer and in my spare time, I am currently working on building an open source wax inkjet-based 3d printer. I personally designed all of my cast jewelry to meet my quality expectations. I enjoy working on tech projects as a hobby especially since these integrate so well into my work.
I started working full-time for my Etsy shop in 2016. Making jewelry has become my passion and daily enjoyment. I personally make and photograph all of my jewelry. Since 2016 I have made immense progress which has enabled me to meet my goals as an artist and maker and be part of this great community here on Etsy! Thank-you very much to everybody who has helped me get here! I hope to continue to provide the best work I possibly can!

I have a continuous desire to learn and improve my jewelry and gem knowledge. I am currently completing Gemological Institute of America's Graduate Gemologist program. I have a degree in Environmental Science which has inspired me to work on making my business and all its aspects a sustainable operation. I try to live a sustainable lifestyle and make conscious decisions with sustainability in mind. I am pro-active about recycling and I support Organic, Non - GMO and Local businesses! I am constantly finding and implementing new ways of improving my sustainability and reducing my carbon footprint on a personal and business level.

Thank-you for reading about me and for browsing my shop! Have a great day!

1) Wire Wrapping
I use only hand pliers to shape and form the wraps. Once finished I clean up any work marks on my finishing bench and clean and polish the wrap with an ultrasonic & or steam cleaner.

2) Hand Fabrication
• Hand fabrication includes a wide variety of techniques and is applicable to all metals.
- I solder/braze to join metal with a torch.
- I use hammers in conjunction with mandrels, steel, and rubber blocks and an anvil to flatten, texture, stamp or form metal
- I use hand files and hand saws to cut, and sand metal
- I use a large selection of calibrated carbide burs, polishing bits and buffs in conjunction with a high-speed precision rotary tool to clean, cut, texture and polish metal. I also use these tools in conjunction with a high power stereo microscope to set gemstone and diamonds and finish jewelry. Good visual aid ensures quality gem settings for even the smallest gems.
I use a variety of shapes and thicknesses of precious metal wire, sheet metal, and tubing in my hand fabrication.

• I use computer-aided design computer software to design and make sketches of fine jewelry settings. I am completely self-taught in CAD. I use a high-resolution SLA 3d printer that I designed and built as well as an inkjet wax 3d printer to make wax jewelry models for casting from my CAD designs. Great thanks to the open source maker community for the wealth of information available on the subject!

• I use the wax models/patterns I make with my 3d printer to make a reverse mold. The mold is fired at a high temperature until the wax is completely melted and dissolved out of the mold. The bottom of the mold is then attached to a high-pressure vacuum while liquid/molten metal is poured into the opening of the mold. The pressure from the vacuum fills out all the tiny details in the mold allowing for very complex details. Then I hand finish and set the castings under a microscope to ensure a very high quality. This method of production is called "Lost Wax Casting".

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